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Table 9 Putative transcripts for members of the aquaporin (aqp) family identified in the EST libraries.

From: Discovering genes associated with dormancy in the monogonont rotifer Brachionus plicatilis

Contig EST singnature Contig size Accession number/Best BLAST match Organism E value MS RE REH FRE
bpa-aqp-1 sb104P0045O03 2 Q9YH65/Aquaporin-3 Xenopus laevis African clawed toad 6E-22 0 0 2 1
bpa-aqp-2 sb101P0008M24 2 A0JPL5/Aquaporin 3 Rattus norvegicus Rat 1E-26 2 0 0 0
bpa-aqp-3 sb102P0025K08 1 Q6T6Z9/Aquaporin-2 Rattus norvegicus Rat 1E-23 0 1 0 0
      Total 2 1 2 1
  1. Signature clones are given for transcripts (concensus sequences) composed of contigs.