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Table 4 Differentially expressed genes in i-L2 NL1-RHg at 3d.

From: Population-specific gene expression in the plant pathogenic nematode Heterodera glycines exists prior to infection and during the onset of a resistant or susceptible reaction in the roots of the Glycine max genotype Peking

Afx ID Array ID Best Hit ID E-value Best Hit Organism Best Hit Description FC P-Value q-value(%)
HgAffx.20336.1.S1_at AF044210.1 AAC33848 2.00E-172 Heterodera glycines beta-1,4-endoglucanase-3 precursor 3.41 0.0412 9.206618641
AFFX-r2-Hg-actin-3_at AF318603.2 AAG47837 0 Heterodera glycines actin 1 2.18 0.0103 9.206618641
Afx ID Array ID Best Hit ID E-value Best Hit Organism Best Hit Description FC P-value q-value(%)
HgAffx.17178.1.S1_at CD748082 XP_001641607 2.00E-12 Nematostella vectensis predicted protein -8.5 0.000186 8.613475143
HgAffx.16643.1.S1_at CK349745 XP_001895036 6.00E-20 Brugia malayi T-complex protein 1, delta subunit -4.24 0.013 9.206618641
HgAffx.22600.1.S1_at AF469055.1 AAN32884 0 Heterodera glycines cellulase ENG-5 -1.95 0.0109 4.774861221
HgAffx.20813.1.S1_at AF502393.1 AAP30836 3.00E-83 Heterodera glycines putative gland protein G30C02; Hg-G30C02 -1.58 0.027 0
HgAffx.2725.1.S1_at AF490251.1 AAO85459 1.00E-103 Heterodera glycines putative gland protein G20E03 -1.53 0.0121 4.774861221
HgAffx.9968.2.S1_at CB374502 XP_001664903 8.00E-54 Caenorhabditis briggsae AF16 hypothetical protein CBG24609 -1.52 0.0392 9.206618641
  1. Probe set lists that are induced in NL1-RHg at 3d that ultimately undergo a resistant reaction. FC-NL1-RHg, fold change-NL1-RHg; PV-NL1-RHg, p-value-NL1-RHg. A> |1.5| fold cutoff and P ≤ 0.05 was used. FDR (set at 10%) parameters are: Score (d), q-value (%).