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Table 6 RT-PCR validation

From: Population-specific gene expression in the plant pathogenic nematode Heterodera glycines exists prior to infection and during the onset of a resistant or susceptible reaction in the roots of the Glycine max genotype Peking

Afx probe set Genbank ID Gene MA-L2 qRT-PCR-L2
HgAffx.13291.1.S1_at CB374691 Hg-unc-97 1.6239316 1.284
HgAffx.18723.1.S1_at CA940457 Hg-unc-15 1.2863248 1.274
HgAffx.21154.1.S1_at CK394306 Hg-unc-27 1.2735043 1.253
HgAffx.21881.2.S1_at CK351699 Hg-unc-112 1.2521368 1.139
HgAffx.15612.1.S1_at CB281382 Hg-unc-9 1.1410256 1.435
HgAffx.11541.1.S1_at CB934909 Hg-dys-1 1.4358974 1.442
HgAffx.17035.1.S1_at CB279321 Hg-unc-60B 1.4444444 1.419
  1. Column headings: Afx probe set, GeneChip® array identifier; Genbank ID, Genbank accession number; L2-qRT-PCR, L2 fold expression from qRT-PCR; L2-MA, L2 fold expression on microarray.