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Figure 3

From: Identifying components of the hair-cell interactome involved in cochlear amplification

Figure 3

Analysis of cdh23-bait expressing yeast. (A). Cartoon of the cdh23-bait construct. (B). Western blot of cdh23-bait expressing yeast blotted with anti-FLAG. Cdh23-bait expressing yeast (cdh23) were compared with yeast carrying the empty pTMBV4 vector (vector). The arrowhead indicates the expected cdh23 band. (C-D). The membrane-based yeast two-hybrid analysis for correct expression of the "bait". Cdh23-bait is co-expressed with the positive control prey construct NubI-Alg5 (left side), or the negative control construct NubG-Alg5 (right side) on the double dropout selection medium (SD-LT) (C) and quadruple dropout selection medium (SD-LTHA) (D).

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