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Figure 2

From: Novel insights into iron metabolism by integrating deletome and transcriptome analysis in an iron deficiency model of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Figure 2

Functional identification of transcriptional response networks in iron deficiency. A Interaction network of highly interconnected nodes, mostly representing transcription factors, associated with the response to iron deficiency in yeast. Each node interacts with other genes (not shown) which deletions result in growth sensitivity to BPS. Node size is proportional to its connectivity to other nodes in the network, which were omitted for clarity purposes. Nodes with the highest number of interactions from A are shown with their corresponding transcriptional targets for B AFT1, C SWI4, D CAD1, E SKN7 and F DOT6. Most of these transcription factors were not identified by functional profiling although many of their gene targets were either essential or detrimental for yeast's growth in BPS. Enriched GO molecular functions or biological processes for each interaction subnetwork (if any) are indicated with corresponding hypergeometric p-values.

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