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Figure 6

From: Revealing genes associated with vitellogenesis in the liver of the zebrafish (Danio rerio) by transcriptome profiling

Figure 6

The number of up- or down-regulated trancripts that were putatively regulated by E2 during vitellogenesis. The number of transcripts of vitellogenic females (Vit2 or Vit4) differing from non- vitellogenic females (NV). A) Number of transcripts putatively regulated by E2. B) Number of transcripts putatively not regulated by E2. The lists of genes for each comparison are shown in detail in Additional file 2, according to the group numbers.Vit2 and Vit4 females are 2- and 4- month old females, respectively. The number of up-regulated or down regulated transcripts for each group is shown on the top of the columns.

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