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Table 2 The number of genes regulated or not-regulated by E2 in selected GO functions.

From: Revealing genes associated with vitellogenesis in the liver of the zebrafish (Danio rerio) by transcriptome profiling

GO No Description E2-regulated Not regulated by E2
GO:0042562 Hormone binding 3 2
GO:0015485 Cholesterol binding 2 1
GO:0006629 Lipid metabolic process 15 8
GO:0008289 Lipid binding 8 1
GO:0006955 Immune response 4 3
GO:0002376 Immune system process 0 7
GO:0007155 Cell adhesion 0 10
GO:0003700 Transcription factor activity 22 7
  1. Number of genes putatively regulated or not-regulated by E2, found in selected GO functions. The list of genes matching each function is shown in Additional file 3.