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Table 1 A summary of over-represented GO categories of genes responding to Fe deficiencya

From: Early iron-deficiency-induced transcriptional changes in Arabidopsis roots as revealed by microarray analyses

(h, -Fe)
DEG Gene Category p value, corrected
0 22 none  
0.5 80 response to light stimulus 1.7e-02
   carbon utilization 3.6e-02
1 36 sugar binding 3.1e-02
6 60 transporter activity 7.1e-02
   iron ion binding 2.4e-04
   response to metal ion 1.3e-03
   cation transport 2.6e-02
24 79 iron ion binding 3.83e-03
   ion transporter activity 6.83e-03
   C-C lyase activity 3.43e-02
  1. a Transcript intensity was determined and differentially e xpressed g enes (DEG) with an uncorrected p < 0.05 and a change in intensity between Fe-sufficient and Fe-deficient treatments of 50% were selected for each of the five time points analyzed. Biological processes and molecular functions were determined as being over-expressed when a corrected p < 0.05 was determined. The correction for false discovery rates was determined with Bingo software using the method of Benjamini and Hochberg [51].