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Table 2 List and description of genes transcripts down-regulated by Fe deficiencya

From: Early iron-deficiency-induced transcriptional changes in Arabidopsis roots as revealed by microarray analyses

Probe ID ATG Description p-value
257823_at At3g25190 Integral membrane protein; putative nodulin 0.047
251109_at At5g01600 Ferritin 1 (ATFER1) 0.000
261448_at At1g21140 Similar to a nodulin-like protein 0.034
257807_at At3g26650 Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase A subunit (GapA), chloroplast 0.012
267526_at At2g30570 Photosystem II reaction center 6.1KD protein, (PsbW) protein-related 0.041
261691_at At1g50060 Pathogenesis-related protein containing a SCP-like extracellular domain 0.038
263345_s_at At2g05070 Putative chlorophyll a/b binding protein; LHCII type II 0.038
251438_s_at At3g59930 Defensin-like (DEFL) protein 0.001
263831_at At2g40300 Ferritin 4 (ATFER4) 0.001
266336_at At2g32270 A member of Zrt- and Irt-related protein (ZIP) family(ZIP3) 0.002
249941_at At5g22270 Expressed protein with unknown function 0.023
251735_at At3g56090 Ferritin 3 (ATFER3) 0.007
253393_at At4g32690 Expressed protein, 2-on-2 hemoglobin (GLB3) 0.034
262277_at At1g68650 Expressed transmembrane protein of unknown function 0.002
263549_at At2g21650 MEE3 (maternal effect embryo arrest 3); myb-like transcription factor 0.001
263840_at At2g36885 Expressed protein with unknown function 0.001
  1. a Listed are the genes in cluster 1 that showed a significantly (p < 0.05) decreased transcript abundance in response to Fe deficiency. The appearance in the list (top to bottom) corresponds to the order shown in Figure 3. Gene annotation is based on the 8.0 release of the Arabidopsis genome.