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Table 5 List and description of genes transcripts weakly up-regulated by Fe deficiencya

From: Early iron-deficiency-induced transcriptional changes in Arabidopsis roots as revealed by microarray analyses

Probe ID ATG Description p-value
258551_at At3g06890 Similar to oxidoreductase, transition metal ion binding 0.027
245141_at At2g45400 Homologous to dihydroflavonol 4-reductase and anthocyanidin reductase (BEN1) 0.007
246847_at At5g26820 Ferroportin-related; similar to iron-responsive transporter-related 0.006
253709_at At4g29220 Similar to phosphofructokinase family protein 0.005
252916_at At4g38950 Kinesin motor family protein 0.018
266808_at At2g29995 Expressed protein with unknown function 0.003
248781_at At5g47870 Expressed protein with unknown function 0.017
259472_at At1g18910 Expressed protein with protein binding/zinc ion binding domains 0.040
254298_at At4g22890 PGRL1A, a transmembrane protein present in thylakoids. 0.004
265539_at At2g15830 Expressed protein with unknown function 0.028
254013_at At4g26050 Leucine-rich repeat protein 0.023
  1. a Listed are the genes that showed a significantly (p < 0.05) increased in transcript abundance in response to Fe deficiency. The genes in this group clustered weakly into cluster six or overlapped with cluster four. The list was sorted (top to bottom) to corresponds to the order shown in Figure 3. Gene annotation is based on the TAIR 8.0 genome release.