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Table 4 Annotation of the non-coding part of the transcriptome

From: A transcriptional sketch of a primary human breast cancer by 454 deep sequencing

ncRNA class Number of unique ncRNAs matching the breast cancer library4
Small RNAs: 24
   piRNAs 23
   scAluRNAs 1
Long regulatory RNAs1: 35
   Host genes2 11
   Imprinted transcripts 4
   Antisense transcripts 9
   Cancer associated transcripts 11
TUF 26
Expressed pseudogenes 11
Predicted conserved secondary structure 3 2
Total 98
  1. 1 The same regulatory RNA may belong to more than one subclass.
  2. 2 Both miRNA and snoRNA host transcripts are considered.
  3. 3 According to RNASearch predictions [61].
  4. 4 Known ncRNAs were retrieved from both RNAdb and NONCODE databases (see Methods)
  5. Abbreviations: piRNA, Piwi-associated small RNAs; scAluRNA, small cytoplasmic Alu-repeat RNAs; TUF, transcripts of unknown function.