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Table 1 Number of sequences assigned and unassigned in the MEGAN analysis.

From: Comparative metagenomics of Daphnia symbionts

Daphnia species/dataset Assigned to cellular organisms Assigned to Bacteria without Firmicutes1 Not assigned2 Sequences without hits
D. pulex 38,249 25,868 97,852 120,355
D. pulicaria 99,178 25,604 966,027 23,469
D. magna GS 20 3,028 2,560 16,007 26
D. magna GS FLX 4,781 4,285 21,535 12
  1. 1 The Firmicutes were excluded, because the D. magna datasets contained a bacterial parasite belonging into this taxon. For each dataset, the sum of columns 2, 4, and 5 is less than the total number of sequences analyzed (Table 2) due to the few sequences assigned to other NCBI taxonomy categories such as "Other" and "Unclassified".
  2. 2 The unassigned sequences are sequences without hits above the defined thresholds (See Materials and Methods). They may be A) sequences that do not have homologs in the current NCBI-nt database, B) sequences that evolved so strongly that their homologs are disguised by bit scores below our threshold or C) sequences that are assigned to species to which no other sequences is assigned (min-support threshold = 2).