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Table 1 Pairwise alignment results comparing both the NCBI bovine SMARCAL1 protein and the official gene model for SMARCAL1 (GLEAN_20241) to the human SMARCAL1 protein.

From: Functional genomics of HMGN3a and SMARCAL1 in early mammalian embryogenesis

  Bovine NCBI SMARCAL1 vs. Human SMARCAL1 GLEAN_20241 vs. Human SMARCAL1
Similarity Score 3483 3799
Match 74% 79%
Number of Matches 718 764
Number of Mismatches 208 165
Total Length of Gaps 43 33
  1. The official gene model shows a higher sequence homology to the human protein with more matches, shorter gaps, and fewer mismatches.