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Figure 3

From: Characterization of the bovine type I IFN locus: rearrangements, expansions, and novel subfamilies

Figure 3

Palindromic gene sets within IFNA/IFNW clusters 1 and 2. (A) An enlarged image of IFNA/IFNW clusters 1 and 2 from Fig. 2 is shown. (B) The promoter (Pr), ORF, and 3/ UTR for each gene have been depicted in a schematic of both gene sets (not drawn to scale). The direction of gene transcription is indicated by an arrow above each gene and the GLEAN number is written below each gene (GLEAN 09981 [Bovine Genome Database temporary ID:2371], GLEAN 09982 [Bovine Genome Database temporary ID:2258], GLEAN 09983 [Bovine Genome Database temporary ID:2733], GLEAN 09984 [Bovine Genome Database temporary ID:1340], GLEAN 10002 [Bovine Genome Database temporary ID:1155], GLEAN 10003 [Bovine Genome Database temporary ID:2217], GLEAN 10004 [Bovine Genome Database temporary ID:2525], GLEAN 10005 [Bovine Genome Database temporary ID:74]. Genes with 100% nucleotide identity within their promoters, ORFs, and 3/ UTRs are shown in matching solid colors. The only gene pair that does not have 100% nucleotide identity in the promoter, W(1)/W(1)/, is indicated by diagonal stripes through the promoter box.

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