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Table 2 Cross-species comparison of IFN subfamilies.

From: Characterization of the bovine type I IFN locus: rearrangements, expansions, and novel subfamilies

  Gene Number
Subfamily Human Mouse Cow
IFNK 1 1 1
IFNE 1 1 1
IFNB 1 1 6
IFND 0 0 0
IFNZ 0 2 0
IFNA 13 14 13
IFNW 1 0 24
IFNT 0 0 3
IFNX 0 0 3
IFNL 3 3 0
  1. The number of predicted IFN genes in each subfamily based on genomic analysis of the mouse, human, and bovine are shown. Predicted pseudogenes based on frameshift mutations or stop codons within the first 100 aa of the coding sequence have been excluded from the table. The bovine Type I IFN locus has an expansion of both the IFNB and IFNW subfamilies. Cattle have also acquired two novel IFN subfamilies, IFNT and a previously unidentified IFN family, termed IFNX, discovered during this analysis.