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Figure 10

From: In silico miRNA prediction in metazoan genomes: balancing between sensitivity and specificity

Figure 10

A cluster of candidate miRNA hairpins in C. elegans 3 kb upstream of cel-mir-76. Five candidate miRNA hairpin loci with L score = 1 on chromosome III of C. elegans, selected by the filtering protocol Clustered. Loci are marked by green bars. Three out of five loci have hairpins with L score = 1 on both strands (positive strand: 3145224–3145336, 3146698–3146781, 3147197–3147283 and 3147660–3147798; negative strand: 3145240–3145320, 3145991–3146089, 3146703–3146775 and 3147690–3147767). The L score of genomic hairpins is indicated by a color gradient that ranges from dark green (L = 1) over yellow (L = 1e-4) and red (L = 5e-7) to black (L = 0).

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