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Figure 6

From: In silico miRNA prediction in metazoan genomes: balancing between sensitivity and specificity

Figure 6

Scoring model performance depends on LDF parameterization and weighting of descriptors. AUC performance and selectivity of six different scoring models that vary in parameterization of the LDF (95-90-80%) and have no weighted (weight = 1.0) or weighted individual descriptors (W). Weights were adjusted to the square root of the descriptor's discriminative power as measured at a sensitivity of 95% (Table 1). The square root was taken to prevent disproportionate influence of descriptors with high discriminative power. All models have the same input set (3,902 metazoan miRNA hairpins) and are based on the previously selected set of 18 descriptors. Selectivity is expressed at 95% (purple) and 75% (blue) sensitivity on the set of all metazoan miRNA hairpins; specificity is measured on the set of 3,526,115 hairpins in the genome of C. elegans. Relative values of selectivity are presented with the initial scoring model taken as index (selectivity of 12.6 at 95% and 74.1 at 75% sensitivity).

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