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Table 1 The 44 T. thermophila putative P450 genes.

From: Genome-wide identification and characterization of cytochrome P450 monooxygenase genes in the ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila

Gene ID GenBank accession No. Scaffold GenBank accession No. Loc EST accession No.
CYP5001A1 TTHERM_00408880 CH445583 /  
CYP5002A1 TTHERM_00516350 CH445658 S DY683840/CX578941/CX580685
CYP5003A1 TTHERM_00112850 CH445735 S  
CYP5004A1 TTHERM_00191380 CH445644 S  
CYP5005A1 TTHERM_00198200 CH445786 S  
CYP5005A2 TTHERM_00198210 CH445786 S  
CYP5005A3 TTHERM_00198220 CH445786 S  
CYP5005A4 TTHERM_00198230 CH445786 S  
CYP5005A6 TTHERM_00198320 CH445786 S  
CYP5005A7 TTHERM_00198340 CH445786 S EC269404
CYP5005A8 TTHERM_00200550 CH445786 S  
CYP5005A9 TTHERM_00201580 CH445786 S  
CYP5005A10 TTHERM_00201630 CH445786 S CX583778/CX575364
CYP5005A14 TTHERM_00227020 CH445668 S  
CYP5005A15 TTHERM_00898320 CH445574 S  
CYP5005A16 TTHERM_00101170 CH445709 S  
CYP5005A17 TTHERM_01398470 CH670446 S CX579342
CYP5005A18 TTHERM_01122770 CH445602 S EC269907/DY677658/DY677657/EC269908
CYP5005A19 TTHERM_01122780 CH445602 S DY679355/DY679356/CX580561/EC269178/EC269178/CX583603/CX583579
CYP5005A20 TTHERM_01369770 CH445637 S  
CYP5006A1 TTHERM_00185610 CH445770 S DY677831/DY677832
CYP5007A1 TTHERM_00620930 CH445621 S  
CYP5007B1 TTHERM_00283410 CH445618 S  
CYP5007C1 TTHERM_00283420 CH445618 S EC274613/EC274614
CYP5008A1 TTHERM_00101290 CH445709 S CN592969/DY679809/CN593111/BM400871/CF653700
CYP5008A2 TTHERM_01280630 CH445497 S TTL00012665*
CYP5009A1 TTHERM_00444460 CH445552 S  
CYP5010A1 TTHERM_00723150 CH670361 S  
CYP5010A2 TTHERM_01250020 CH445573 S  
CYP5010A3 TTHERM_01698320 CH445507 S DY683602
CYP5010A4 TTHERM_00754730 CH445616 S  
CYP5010A5 TTHERM_00754700 CH445616 S DY683602/CX586098
CYP5010B1 TTHERM_00129890 CH445650 S DY683352/CX591511/CX571835/BM399027
CYP5010C1 TTHERM_01415170 CH670449 S  
CYP5010C2 TTHERM_00449550 CH445687 S  
CYP5011A1 TTHERM_00527100 CH445398 S CX588690
CYP5012A1 TTHERM_00137750 CH445601 S TTL00011142*
CYP5012A2 TTHERM_01250020 CH445573 S  
CYP5013A1 TTHERM_00437540 CH445623 S DY677981/EC271015/BM400694/EC271842/EC272511/EC270080/EC270079/CX585070/CX584716/CX579033/DY677982/CX577930/DY680538/CX574127/EC272512/BM399152/CX577367/CX579948/DY678167/CX572624
CYP5013B1 TTHERM_00437540 CH445623 S  
CYP5013C1 TTHERM_00437540 CH445623 S  
CYP5013C2 TTHERM_00241770 CH445533 S  
CYP5013D1 TTHERM_00395750 CH445712 S BM399816/BM396441/BM399815
CYP5013E1 TTHERM_00313500 CH670346 S EC269139/EC270428
  1. Gene ID, GenBank accession numbers, Scaffold GenBank accession numbers, EST accession numbers and predictions of sub-cellular localizations were listed. S: secretory pathway. *: Found only in TBestDB.