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Table 1 Distribution of the candidate prohormone genes identified in the cattle genome among public databases

From: Characterization of the prohormone complement in cattle using genomic libraries and cleavage prediction approaches

Genome2 Nucleic3 Complete Fragment TrEMBL Unreported4
Complete UniGene 56 3 16 6
  DNA 1 0 0 2
  Unreported 1 2 0 3
Fragment UniGene 1 0 0 0
  Pseudogene 1 0 0 0
Not found Unreported 0 0 0 1
  1. 1 Derived from information provided in the corresponding UniProt release; Complete indicates the complete prohormone is present in the SwissProt database, Fragment indicates a partial sequence in the SwissProt database, and TrEMBl indicates a complete sequence without experimental data is reported in the TrEMBL database.
  2. 2 Complete, Fragment and Not found denote if the prohormone gene was completely recovered, partially recovered or there were no matches from the cattle genome, respectively.
  3. 3 Denotes the resource supporting the presence of the prohormone sequence in the cattle genome: UniGene, DNA (nucleotide and EST sequences not present in UniGene), pseudogenes and unreported.
  4. 4 Not previously reported (predicted or empirically confirmed) in cattle.