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Table 4 Gene models modified by FcB1-schizont-ESTs.

From: A Plasmodium falciparum FcB1-schizont-EST collection providing clues to schizont specific gene structure and polymorphism

[Gene] (a) [Product Description] (b) [Pf-iRBC max expr time (GS array)] (c) [Pf-iRBC+Spz+Gam max expr stage (Affy)] (d) # of ESTs (e) modified in gene model (f)
PFA0630c hypothetical protein 16 Early Trophozoite 17 in agreement with chr1.genefinder_16r, chr1.glimmerm_366 and chr1.phat_146 *
MAL13P1.460 conserved hypothetical protein    77 intron 3 modified
MAL8P1.73 hypothetical protein, conserved 40 Early Schizogony 28 intron 16 modified but intron 18 confirmed
PF10_0072 hypothetical protein   Late Schizogony 8 exon 1 would be longer at 3' end
PF10_0361 hypothetical protein 23 Early Ring 37 in agreement with chr11, glimmer_1141
PF11_0194 hypothetical protein 41 Gametocyte 50 in agreement with chr11, genefinder.157r *
PF13_0193 MSP7-like protein   Early Schizogony 41 exon 1 would be longer at 3' end
PF14_0280 phosphotyrosyl phosphatase activator, putative 20 Gametocyte 2 gene would be longer downstream
PFB0305c merozoite surface protein 5 46 Late Schizogony 5 exon 2 would be longer at 5' end
PFE0240w hypothetical protein, conserved   Gametocyte 12 four additional exons, longer protein *
PFE1490c hypothetical protein, conserved   Early Ring 16 intron 1 modified but intron 2 confirmed
PFI0905w hypothetical protein   Gametocyte 4 exon 2 would be longer at 5' end **
PFI1565w conserved protein   Late Schizogony 11 3'-end of gene in agreement with chr9.glimmerm_973 and chr9.glimmerm_974 *
PFL0290w hypothetical protein, conserved 43 Early Trophozoite 11 intron 1 modified but intron 2 confirmed *
  1. This table, derived from Additional file 1, lists the 14 P. falciparum genes whose gene models were corrected based on FcB1-schizont-ESTs. Columns (a) to (e) are as described in the Table 3 legend. The last column (f) details each modification. Note that three genes in this list were both modified/confirmed (in different parts): MAL8P1.73, PFE1490c and PFL0290w. Asterisks (*) in this last column refer to examples illustrated in Additional file 4. The model revision proposed for PFI0905w (**) will need to be confirmed by other experimental data since these 4 ESTs also matched P. falciparum telomerase RNA (see Additional file 10). Pf-iRBC, P. falciparum-infected red blood cells.