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Table 5 Evidence of protein polymorphism between FcB1 and 3D7 strains.

From: A Plasmodium falciparum FcB1-schizont-EST collection providing clues to schizont specific gene structure and polymorphism

[Gene] (a) [Product Description] (b) [Pf-iRBC max expr time (GS array)] (c) [Pf-iRBC+Spz+Gam max expr stage (Affy)] (d) # of ESTs (e) type of polymorphism (f)
PFA0215w hypothetical protein, conserved 45 Late Schizogony 72 in tandem repeats
PFD0185c peptidase 42 Gametocyte 10 in tandem repeats
PFE0250w hypothetical protein, conserved 25 Early Trophozoite 39 in Asn-rich region
PFE0655w hypothetical protein, conserved 16 Early Trophozoite 2 in tandem repeats
PFF0670w hypothetical protein, conserved 38   47 in Asn-rich region
PFF0765c hypothetical protein, conserved 41   3 in tandem repeats
MAL7P1.208 rhoptry-associated membrane antigen, RAMA 41   147 in tandem repeats
PF07_0111 hypothetical protein, conserved 37 Gametocyte 1 in tandem repeats
PF08_0109 hypothetical protein, conserved 39 Early Schizogony 5 in Asn-rich region
PF10_0177 erythrocyte membrane-associated antigen 40 Gametocyte 31 in tandem repeats
PF10_0184 hypothetical protein 41 Gametocyte 13 local polymorphism
PF10_0213 10b antigen, putative 33 Early Schizogony 20 in Asn-rich region
PF10_0345 merozoite surface protein 3 42 Late Schizogony 93 mild polymorphism
PF10_0351 hypothetical protein 45 Late Schizogony 83 in tandem repeats
PFL0465c Zinc finger transcription factor (krox1)   Late Schizogony 1 mild polymorphism
PFL1385c Merozoite Surface Protein 9, MSP-9 41 Early Schizogony 310 mild polymorphism
PF13_0053 hypothetical protein, conserved 12 Early Trophozoite 52 in tandem repeats
MAL13P1.158 hypothetical protein, conserved 40 Gametocyte 10 local polymorphism
PF13_0245 hypothetical protein, conserved 46 Early Trophozoite 16 mild polymorphism
PF14_0175 conserved protein unknown function    107 in tandem repeats
PF14_0486 elongation factor 2 17 Early Trophozoite 5 mild polymorphism
  1. This table, derived from Additional file 1, lists the 21 P. falciparum genes for which some protein polymorphism was identified between FcB1 and 3D7 strains. Columns (a) to (e) are as described in the Table 3 legend. The last column (f) details the various cases. All protein sequence alignments are illustrated in Additional file 5. Pf-iRBC, P. falciparum-infected red blood cells.