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Table 5 Major known genes by functional class in the L3ir gene set

From: Transcriptomes and pathways associated with infectivity, survival and immunogenicity in Brugia malayi L3

Functional class Gene Oligo ID Fold NCBI accession number and description
Irradiation responsive     
  aid (3) BMC04376 9.2 CAA62521.1| cytidine deaminase [Brugia pahangi]
  ada (1) BMC12015 3 NP_501087.1| C06G3.5a
  up ase (1) 13555.m00076 11.2 NP_498671.2| ZK783.2 (Uridine phosphorylase)
  zinc finger protein (1) BMC11725 2.2 CAA34357.1| zinc finger protein
  Gated Ion channel (1) AI856833 5.5 NP_001023062.1| C43F9.9 (Neurotransmitter-gated ion-channel)
  aqp (2) BMC02613 2.7 NP_502044.1| AQuaPorin or aquaglyceroporin related family member (aqp-3)
  Transketolase (1) BMC06090 3.8 NP_501878.1| F01G10.1 (Transketolase)
Cuticular components Secretory and membrane proteins Immunogenic     
  col (64) BMC03733 4 NP_001040924.1| COLlagen family member (col-14)
   13970.m00031 3 YP_293890.1| putative membrane protein
   BMC02058 2.2 NP_500485.1| F49F1.1 (Secreted surface protein)
  Gln-rich (3) BMC11922 5.9 AAC48290.1| Gln-rich protein
  Oveg 1 (2) BMC05959 4.3 AAB35895.1| Oveg1
  Juv-p120 (1) 14672.m00017 2.2 AAS92593.1| excretory/secretory protein Juv-p120
  bmif (1) BMC07029 3.1 P23730|IFEA_ASCSU Intermediate filament protein A
  spx-1 (3) BMC06144 2.3 AAA27864.1| SPX-1
Antioxidant detoxification     
  pxn-2 (1) BMC12240 3 AAC77922.1| peroxidoxin-2
  tpx-2 (1) BMC12241 2.8 Q17172|TDX2_BRUMA Thioredoxin peroxidase 2
  gst (1) BMC02401 2.3 CAA73325.1| glutathione transferase
  tpx-1 (1) TC2998 3.6 AAN34969.1| thioredoxin 1; ov-thioredoxin 1
Fatty acid binding     
  scp (1) TC3583 3.6 XP_392432.2| similar to Sterol carrier protein X
  1. Numbers in parentheses represent the number of oligos that match a particular gene that was upregulated.