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Table 7 L3c genes for protein synthesis with C. elegans homologs identified in a molting screen*

From: Transcriptomes and pathways associated with infectivity, survival and immunogenicity in Brugia malayi L3

Gene Description Oligo IDs
rps-10 Ribosomal protein S10 BMC10905, BMC12256, TC3146, BMC12257, BMC00239, BMC04758
rps-3 Ribosomal protein S3, C-terminal BMC00419, 13787.m00042, BMC06743, BMC12302
rpl-23 Ribosomal protein L23e BMC00275, 14980.m02840, BMC11689
rpl-18 Ribosomal L18ae protein BMC00864, H98325
rpl-32 Ribosomal protein L32e AA841361
rpl-15 Ribosomal protein L15e BMC00151
rps-11 ribosomal protein S11 TC2943
  1. *See reference [67]