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Table 1 Anchoring of Ae. tauschii contigs on the genetic map of Ae. tauschii chromosome 2D with Illumina GoldenGate oligonucleotide assays.

From: A high-throughput strategy for screening of bacterial artificial chromosome libraries and anchoring of clones on a genetic map constructed with single nucleotide polymorphisms

Locus Map position (cM) Positive clones anchored Contig
BE489611 28.2 RI063B22, HI094B3, HB051N10 ctg9144
BF201235 28.3 HD143B20, RI053K20, RI127F20, HI043L21, HD013G23 ctg4666
BE518440 46.2 HB123G1, RI004M10, HI113P4, RI105L19* ctg6274
BE500206 63.8 HI143K4, HI003A22, HI012B19, HI090K7, HD123H5, RI056P19, BB048O9 ctg7899
BE497494 85.9 BB093B14, HB123K12, HB008P16, HB133H13 ctg8357**
BE497494 85.9 HB004F21, HB123L18, HB123M5, HD008O15 ctg5568**
BE405367 87.3 HD087H2, HD141H13, HD137I4, HB059H9, RI112C12, RI118E2, HD121I8, HI123C14, BB100F2* ctg10452
BE499671 88.9 HB012H8, HI129G1, HD057E7, HD121M12 ctg5065
BE499671 88.9 HB012I17 ctg7763
BE499478 88.9 HI090L10, RI035P6, BB079N19, BB110C10, HB043B9 ctg1170
BE445242 89.0 HD072M21, HB007A23, HI050N18, HB015E4, HB035C6, HB036O19, HI039G10, HB060O15, HD151B19 ctg9317
BE498730 89.0 HB030C17, HB033C8 ctg1617
BF202681 89.0 HD116C6, HB009B12, HB040H21, HI140N22, HI124O3 ctg6734
BQ169707 92.3 RI103N16 ctg1280
BF478936 92.7 HD039I3, RI012F23, HD107L14, HI077L6, RI070K18, RI024B7* ctg8860
BE497590 96.9 RI015E2, HI117D24, HI148P10 ctg144
BE497590 96.9 HI053D12, HI037I5, HI094B9, HI122O11, HI152F13 ctg8859
BG313656 98.1 HB034O15, HB062N11, RI112D8, HI029J12, HD032F21 ctg982
BG263521 98.8 HD132P10, HB021B10, HD033G4, HI148C2, BB067M15, BB081E2, BB107K11, RI043J14 * ctg7791**
BG263521 98.8 BB081O16, RI032D19 ctg2288**
BF291674 102.4 HD074O4, BB054A2, HB027O2, RI107N10, RI136G23, HI037F12 ctg10410
BF483083 102.4 BB038N07, HB023N15, HB081O4, HD080K19, HI078L18, HI146A6, RI084G17, BB123G5* ctg2905
BE517627 103.1 HD065I16, HD050E11, HD053J2, HD057A20, HB055D1, HB083C24, RI076J11 ctg4985
BE442608 103.1 BB092N18, BB070C1, HB006B8, HB086J7, HB096K20, HD133P21, HI137N13, RI019F6 ctg4985
BE591248 103.3 RI020P1, RI091B2, HD091O22, HD137A8, HB078N22, BB032J4, ctg3732
BE404384 104.2 HD062D2, BB047B24, HB110L22, HI080L19, RI061L5, RI064P6 ctg6492
BE405045 104.3 HD074J1, HD068K4, HI052G12, RI076M20, RI124J20 ctg5942
BQ161196 104.3 HB067J7 ctg8076**
BQ161196 104.3 HB125P19, HB075P15, BB003G7 ctg6731**
BG606625 104.4 BB061O1, BB061P1, HB040G1, HB082C18, HB084M10, HD026P1, HD112E21 HI152K3, RI018P5, RI131L21, RI146B11 ctg3670
BE604861 104.4 HB002K4, HD135K22, RI013H19, RI023K17, BB083K1* ctg5648
BE490204 107.1 BB011G22, HD119G21, HI105F9, HD006K24* ctg4240
BG313179 109.8 HD133K07 ctg3100
BE499362 109.8 HD074A1, HB001O3, HI143M21, HD034C5, RI051M5 ctg11438
BE406509 110.7 HI004N13, BB104N3, HD120D6 ctg251
BE442788 111.7 HD075A10, HD123P4, HI026J16, HI061H17, HI116C6, RI119E3 ctg4801
BF145580 111.8 HB003H1, BB025P18, HD005P3, HD049H11, HI116D20, HI130J21, RI136C15, ctg4928
BE403597 113.5 RI083G1, RI113K18, RI143I24, HI019M23 ctg977
BG274019 117.1 HB006A23, HD052A8, HD063B18, HD066I10* ctg1700
BE444264 118.8 HB012D18, BB092N14, HB032L12, HD051K23, HI090M22, RI107M7 ctg4732
BE406908 120.9 BB056F7, HB061D24, HB081H12, HB131E21, HD020E20, HI031B4, RI126O19 ctg3828
BF201830 121.3 HB075L11, RI069N16, HI024C6, HI027G18, RI069N16, BB136N11* ctg5622
BQ169383 121.3 HD114P13, BB065I18, BB071O3, RI046H10, HI002O17, HI041M18 ctg5622
BF473744 135.1 BB019A18, BB097O11, HB119C7, HB123C17, RI035O12, RI062D7 ctg7871
BE517946 157.8 HI142E11, HD063P2, HI124C3, RI012J19, BB194H17* ctg7891
BF483221 170.7 HB007M06, HD026P3, HI132A22, HD056A9 ctg1415
BE426620 179.2 HB104E22, HB117D08, RI101P15, RI112H4, HI065F13 ctg11040
BE490384 186.9 BB067N14, HB092N14, HD108D13, BB018I20* ctg3479
  1. * Clones not found among the fingerprinted clones used for contig assembly. ** The two successive contigs were merged with FPC.