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Table 2 Numbers of positive clones detected with Illumina oligonucleotide primers in the 1× genome equivalent of the Eco RI Ae. tauschii BAC library and the positive clones detected in contig in the remaining BAC and BiBAC libraries.

From: A high-throughput strategy for screening of bacterial artificial chromosome libraries and anchoring of clones on a genetic map constructed with single nucleotide polymorphisms

Locus Map position (cM) Contig All positive clones in the contig No. positive clones in 1× genome equivalent
BF428792 66.5 ctg11447 HD091B17, HB035D2, HB048A19, HD131L18, RI135A13, HI004M3 0
BE471274 89.2 ctg487 BB037M12, HB007I22, HB057P16, HB085A14, HI006N2, HD032D6, HI031J11 0
BE590745 101.2 ctg11005 HB132A7, RI076L24, HI039I15 0
BE591939 102.3 ctg6341 HD086O22, RI011N13, RI050D20*, RI053E15, HI059D10, HD120B16, HI105L1 1
BF201348 102.4 ctg9913 BB005K5, BB003G23, BB051C23, BB106M18, RI074C16, HI056I10 1
BM137697 121.4 ctg5641 BB054M2, RI041O13, RI140B8 0
BQ168191 93.0 ctg4237 HD145O11, HD088L23, RI089E13, HI030D11 0
BE471132 0.00 ctg6261 HD080D15, HD023E5, RI005I8, HD124N6, HI042G4, HI104G24 1
BE445628 85.9 ctg3619 RI130I10, HI112C21 0
CD452951 103.1 ctg4985 HD076J10, HD004P4, HD059D21, RI144L6 0
BE403177 109.0 ctg5209 BB014B15, BB012C19, HD087J6, RI048C1, RI090E18, HI014F23, HI146N21 2
BE399200 109.8 ctg5429 RI048D18, BB028N11, RI114F3, RI127A20 2
BE406351 113.6 ctg3299 HD085I19, HD133F6, RI064D18 0
BE444599 143.4 ctg19 HB012E19, HB084C20, RI074P11, HD028J11 1
BE445431 151.5 ** RI119I14, RI101I14, RI125I14 3
  1. * Clones in bold were detected with Illumina and PCR in the 1× genome equivalent of the Eco RI library. ** Clones were detected but were not fingerprinted.