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Table 1 Orobanche crenata seed germination, attachment and nodule development on roots of M. truncatulaa

From: Differential expression proteomics to investigate responses and resistance to Orobanche crenata in Medicago truncatula

Accession % Germinationb % Attachmentsc Number of nodulesd per plant
SA 27774 44 2.2* 0*
SA 4087 48 12.8 5.6
  1. a As determined by using the Petri dish bioassay [89]. Values are mean of five independent replicates.
  2. b Percentage of germination of O. crenata seeds that were at 0–3 mm from host root
  3. c Percentage of O. crenata germinated seeds that attach on M. truncatula roots.
  4. d Number of resulting nodules counted 25 days after inoculation.
  5. * indicates that differences are statistically significant (LSD, P < 0.05)