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Table 8 Comparison of results from this study and those from other expression arrays for AAA.

From: Whole genome expression analysis within the angiotensin II-apolipoprotein E deficient mouse model of abdominal aortic aneurysm

Ref. Transcripts examined Species Number of samples/controls Tissue of interest Control tissue Similar genes upregulated
9 18057 oligonucleotides microarray Human 6/7 AAA Normal# Chemokines (e.g. CCL2, CCL4, CCL8, CCR5, CXCL5, CXCR4, TNFRSF13B)
Pro-inflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL1B, IL2RG)
Matrix metalloproteinase (e.g. MMP9)
Cell lineage markers (e.g. CD53, CD68, CD72)
32‡ 1181 cDNA clones Mice 3/3** Elastase induced AAA Inactivated elastase infused aortas Pro-inflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL1B, IL6, INF, IGF1)
Chemokines (e.g. CCL7)
JAK-STAT signalling (e.g. SOC3)
31‡ 375 cDNA clones Human 1/1* AAA body AAA neck Chemokines (e.g. CXCR2)
28‡ 265 cDNA clones Human 7/5/5† AAA AOD and normal† Matrix metalloproteinase (e.g. MMP9, MMP12)
Pro-inflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL1B, IL6)
Chemokines (e.g. CCL4, CCR5)
Fibrinolysis (e.g. uPA)
33‡ 8799 cDNA clones microarray Rat 1/1‡‡ Elastase induced AAA Saline infused aortas Oxidative stress (Heme oxygenase, lipoxygenase)
34‡ 1176 cDNA clones Human 4/4 AAA normal†† Cathepsins (e.g. cathepsin H)
Matrix metalloproteinase (e.g. MMP9)
Chemokines (e.g. CXCR4, CCL5)
  1. *Results provided limited; †5 controls from aortic occlusive disease (AOD) from patients undergoing bypass and 5 controls from organ donors which were not age-matched; ‡These studies did not adjust for multiple testing; **pooling of samples was performed with 3 pools of interest compared with 3 controls for 4 different time periods after elastase infusion; ††Controls were from organ donor who were not matched; ‡‡Appears to have been comparison of one pool of samples from elastase induced aaas and one pool from controls examined on two microarrays each; #controls from post-mortem samples. Ref. = reference.