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Table 1 Features of H. pylori genomes

From: Genome sequence analysis of Helicobacter pylori strains associated with gastric ulceration and gastric cancer

  H. pylori strain
  26695 J99 HPAG1 98-10 B128
Origin U.K. U.S. Sweden Japan U.S.
Disease statea Gastritis only DU AG GC GU
cag PAI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
vacA genotype s1a/m1 s1b/m1 s1b/m1 s1c/m1 s1a/m2h
Genome size (Mb) 1.67 1.64 1.61b 1.6c 1.6c
Total no. of ORFs 1564d 1491e 1544f 1527 1731
No. of strain-specific genesg 69 23 38 22 51
  1. a DU, duodenal ulcer; AG, atrophic gastritis; GC, gastric cancer; GU, gastric ulcer
  2. b Includes a 9.3 kb plasmid.
  3. c The genome size of strain 98-10 is based on analysis of 51 large contigs, as defined in Methods. The genome size of strain B128 is based on analysis of 73 large contigs.
  4. d The current analysis is based on data downloaded from TIGR, comprising 1564 ORFs. In contrast, a table on the TIGR website lists 1587 ORFs in strain 26695, and Genbank sequence files include 1566 ORFs from strain 26695.
  5. e Additional ORFs, not included in this total, were subsequently detected in strain J99 [43].
  6. f The HPAG1 chromosome contains 1,536 predicted protein-coding genes, and the remainder are contained on a plasmid.
  7. g Present in only one of five strains analyzed in this study.
  8. h vacA is truncated in strain B128.