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Table 4 Strain-specific H. pylori genes present exclusively in strain 98-10 or B128

From: Genome sequence analysis of Helicobacter pylori strains associated with gastric ulceration and gastric cancer

  Number of genes in the indicated strain(s) a
  98-10 B128 98-10 and B128
Total number of strain-specific genesa 22 51 16
Functional class    
   Transposase 2 3 6
   Type IV secretion gene clusterb 0 7 0
   Hypothetical 17 37 9
No database match 8 8 2
Closest match lacks known function 9 29 7
   Other 3 4 1
Gene islands containing strain-specific genesc 2 11 3
  1. aPresent in the indicated strain(s), but not in any of the other four strains for which genome sequences are available.
  2. bThis group of genes was not detected in the original analysis of the genome from strain J99, but was subsequently detected in strain J99 [43].
  3. cFor this analysis, an island was considered to be present if two or more strain-specific genes were in contiguous chromosomal loci.