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Table 1 The list of the top-ranked 15 genes in each sub-module.

From: Exploring temporal transcription regulation structure of Aspergillus fumigatus in heat shock by state space model

Module Gene Heat shock at 37°C Gene Heat shock at 48°C
1(+) AFU6G06470 Heatshock protein Hsp30-like, putative AFU1G10130 Adenosylhomocysteinase
1(+) AFU6G12160 C6 transcription factor, putative AFU2G03610 IMP dehydrogenase, putative
1(+) AFU7G05580 Phospholipase PldA, putative AFU5G04220 Mitochondrial DNA replication protein
1(+) AFU1G11220 hypothetical protein AFU5G14660 GABA permease, putative
1(+) AFU2G04020 Alpha, alpha-trehalose phosphate synthase subunit, putative AFU4G07360 Cobalamin-independent methionine synthase MetH/D
1(+) AFU6G00420 hypothetical protein AFU7G01220 Farnesyl-diphosphate farnesyltransferase, putative
1(+) AFU5G07340 DnaJ domain protein Psi, putative AFU5G14650 RING finger protein
1(+) AFU1G17020 UDP-Glucose dehydroGenase AFU3G13400 nucleolar protein nop5
1(+) AFU3G14540 Heatshock protein Hsp30/Hsp42, putative AFU6G09990 Importinbeta-4subunit, putative
1(+) AFU5G13750 Calcium binding protein Caleosin, putative AFU3G03290 hypothetical protein
1(+) AFU1G15270 Heat shock protein Hsp98/Hsp104/ClpA, putative AFU5G05710 Centromere/microtubule-binding protein cbf5
1(+) AFU4G13630 hypothetical protein AFU6G11890 Dynamin GTPase, putative
1(+) AFU3G01440 conserved hypothetical protein AFU1G15900 Importinbeta-2subunit, putative
1(+) AFU6G00410 amino acid permease, putative AFU8G03930 Hsp70 chaperone
1(+) AFU1G17010 Glutathione S-transferase, putative AFU1G05990 RibosomalproteinL16a
1(-) AFU7G05460 Putative uncharacterized protein AFU6G06470 Heat shock protein Hsp30 like, putative
1(-) AFU2G03610 IMP dehydrogenase, putative AFU1G11180 Heat shockprotein/chaperonin HSP78, putative
1(-) AFU6G09990 Importin beta-4subunit, putative AFU3G00960 conserved hypothetical protein
1(-) AFU1G06190 Histone H4 arginine methyltransferase RmtA AFU3G12630 related to CYTOCHROME B561
1(-) AFU1G15620 ATP-dependent RNA helicase HelA AFU6G10470 Zinc finGer protein ZPR1
1(-) AFU5G05710 Centromere/microtubule-bindinGprotein cbf5 AFU2G03060 Cactin
1(-) AFU7G03690 Protein pxr1 AFU6G12160 C6 transcription factor, putative
1(-) AFU8G03930 Hsp70 chaperone AFU2G10910 MFS alpha-glucoside transporter, putative
1(-) AFU3G13400 nucleolar protein nop5 AFU5G04170 Heat shock protein 90
1(-) AFU6G10320 WD repeat protein; possible nuclear pore complex associated AFU3G14550 RNA polymeraseII transcription factor B subunit 5
1(-) AFU3G09600 sik1 protein AFU4G06220 conserved hypothetical protein
1(-) AFU3G10800 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit CLU1/TIF31, putative AFU2G00210 hypothetical protein
1(-) AFU1G09770 La domain family AFU1G15270 Heat shock protein Hsp 98/Hsp 104/ClpA, putative
1(-) AFU7G02610 hypothetical protein AFU4G11620 DNA replication complex GINS protein psf3
1(-) AFU1G09200 Ribosome bioGenesis protein Erb1, putative AFU4G08810 unnamed protein product
2(+) AFU6G08760 Proline oxidase PrnD AFU7G01000 Aldehyde dehydrogenase, putative
2(+) AFU6G08750 Delta-1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate dehydrogenase PrnC AFU6G11430 Aldehyde dehydrogenase AldA, putative
2(+) AFU6G07720 Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase AcuF AFU5G08930 Isovaleryl-CoA dehydrogenase IvdA, putative
2(+) AFU3G11790 Galactose-proton symport, putative AFU6G03590 Methyl citrate synthase precursor
2(+) AFU3G14590 Copper amine oxidase, putative AFU4G12010 2-oxoacid dehydrogenases acyltransferase, putative
2(+) AFU6G03730 2-methyl citrate dehydratase, putative AFU6G03060 MFS monosaccharide transporter, putative
2(+) AFU6G02860 Isocitratelyase AFU6G03730 2-methylcitrate dehydratase, putative
2(+) AFU4G11310 Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase Fbp1, putative AFU6G02860 Isocitrate lyase
2(+) AFU7G01000 Aldehyde dehydrogenase, putative AFU3G01450 3-methyl-2-oxobutanoate dehydrogenase, putative
2(+) AFU6G14200 Acetyl-CoA-acetyltransferase, putative AFU6G06470 Heatshock protein Hsp30 like, putative
2(+) AFU1G00410 cutinase transcription factor 1 beta AFU3G09690 thaumatin-like protein, putative
2(+) AFU2G00210 hypothetical protein AFU3G00960 conserved hypothetical protein
2(+) AFU4G12010 2-oxoacid dehydrogenases acyltransferase, putative AFU5G04170 Heatshock protein 90
2(+) AFU8G04130 C6 transcription factor AFU6G08760 Prolineoxidase PrnD
2(+) AFU4G08170 Succinate-semialde hydedehydrogenase Uga2, putative AFU2G02050 Peptidyl-prolylcis-transisomerase D
2(-) AFU6G10650 ATP citrate lyase, subunit1, putative AFU4G06890 14-alphasterol demethylase Cyp51A
2(-) AFU6G10660 ATP citrate lyase subunit AFU1G14930 hypothetical protein
2(-) AFU1G03150 C-14 sterol reductase AFU7G05060 MGtC/SapB family membrane protein
2(-) AFU1G17630 FAD/FMN-containing protein AFU2G00320 Sterol delta5,6-desaturase, putative
2(-) AFU5G02330 Ribonuclease mitogillin precursor AFU3G14920 TAM domain methyltransferase, putative
2(-) AFU4G11720 Phosphatidyl synthase AFU1G03150 C-14 sterol reductase
2(-) AFU3G08580 Glycine-rich RNA-binding protein, putative AFU8G05990 hypothetical protein
2(-) AFU2G00320 Sterol delta5,6-desaturase, putative AFU4G14250 hypothetical protein
2(-) AFU3G07230 Phosphopantothenate-cysteine ligase, putative AFU5G02330 Ribonuclease mitogillin precursor
2(-) AFU3G03580 Transferase family protein AFU7G05490 hypothetical protein
2(-) AFU3G10750 Acetate kinase, putative AFU5G13730 invasion associated protein p60
2(-) AFU6G07900 Rod1 protein AFU5G06240 Alcohol dehydrogenase, putative
2(-) AFU4G06890 14-alpha sterol demethylase Cyp51A AFU1G16190 Probable glycosidase crf1 precursor
2(-) AFU3G08990 unnamed protein product AFU5G03800 High-affinity ironpermease
2(-) AFU7G04730 major facilitator protein homolog, putative AFU7G05500 Glutathione S-transferase, putative
  1. The heat shock proteins with similar expression pattern are assigned to same module. The average expression profiles of all heat response genes are shown at additional file 2.