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Table 3 Analysis of the sequences used to generate the models using the donor splice site models

From: A method for identifying alternative or cryptic donor splice sites within gene and mRNA sequences. Comparisons among sequences from vertebrates, echinoderms and other groups

Characteristic Purpuratus Vertebrate
Min. Score -15.029 -17.487
Max. Score 25.049 8.757
Avg. of Means1 -0.64 -1.64
P0.052 -1.004 -1.491
N0.953 3.329 1.843
Δ(N0.95, P0.05)4 4.333 3.335
# Possible Scores 49501 21561
% Possible Scores 15.77% 14.25%
Total Scores 313955 151286
  1. 1The average of the mean score for the known positive and known negative sites.
  2. 2The score at which 95% of known positive sites were positive (5% of positive sites were incorrectly called negative).
  3. 3The score at which 95% of known negative sites were negative.
  4. 4The difference between P0.05 and N0.95.