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Table 1 Differentially regulated genes between mature and T1 immature B cells.

From: A Myc-regulated transcriptional network controls B-cell fate in response to BCR triggering

Gene symbol Function M/IM
Syngr2 B-cell and neuronal differentiation 2.1
Idi1 cholesterol synthesis 1.7
Myc B-cell proliferation, differentiation 1.7
Litaf regulates inflammatory cytokine expression 1.5
Spag9 positively regulates MAPK signaling pathways 1.4
Rnf5 inhibits cell motility 1.4
Mfn2 mitochondrial fusion 1.3
Txnip immune cell differentiation 1.3
Mfap3 no data -1.3
Bnip3l apoptosis -1.3
Clta intracellular protein transport -1.5
Actb cytoskeleton structure -1.5
Pik3c2a survival and proliferation -1.6
Acad9 mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation -1.6
Prkcd inhibits B-cell proliferation and differentiation -1.6
Vezf1 angiogenesis -1.6
Pcyt1a apoptosis -1.7
Cecr2 chromatin remodeling -1.7
Zcchc17 no data -1.7
Coro1b neurite outgrowth -1.7
Atp5c1 no data -1.8
H2afz embryonic development -1.8
Cd24a B-cell apoptosis; development of immature B cells -2.1
Npc2 cholesterol transport -2.1
Emb cell adhesion during development -2.2
Fcgr2b inhibits B-cell proliferation -2.2
Emx2 neuronal growth and development -2.3
Cst3 reduces antigen presenting capacity of dendritic cells -2.3
Id2 inhibits B-cell differentiation -2.6
Cul7 regulates B-cell differentiation -2.6
Wwp1 T-cell differentiation; embryogenesis -2.7
Jun apoptosis, proliferation, differentiation -2.7
Ctsb apoptosis -2.8
Ifitm3 inhibits proliferation -3.1
Nr2f2 regulates organogenesis -3.1
Atp1b1 inhibits T-cell activation -3.2
Slc40a1 iron export -3.6
Phtf regulates spermatogenesis -3.7
Hoxb3 regeneration of stem cells -3.8
C1qa reduces T cell-dependent immune response -5.1
Laptm5 B-cell differentiation; inhibits maturation of dendritic cells -6.2
Hmox1 inhibits B-cell activation; inhibits T-cell proliferation -7.4
Hba-a1 oxygen transport -7.9
Lyzs defense response to bacteria -23.8
  1. Genes discriminating transcriptional profiles of splenic mature and T1 immature B lymphocytes. The analysis was based on one-way ANOVA (P < 0.01) of means of at least five replicate microarray experiments. Genes are ranked by the ratio of values for mature (M) versus immature (IM) B cells. For those genes with described functions, either their B-cell associated functions or, if unknown, primary functions in other cell types are listed. Differentially expressed EST and RIKEN sequences (46 in total) are not shown but can be recovered from the GEO database (GSE9215).