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Table 1 List of genes within the duplicated region.

From: Polymorphic segmental duplication in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Sequence Name EST Support Paralog Sequence Name EST Support Identical? Method of repair
Y19D10A.7 NS F56A4.9 NS N Longest: F56A4.9
Y19D10A.9 PS F56A4.2 PS Y N.A.
Y19D10A.8 NS F56A4.10 NS N Longest: F56A4.10
Y19D10A.6 NS F56A4.1 NS N Evidence: nas-2
Y19D10A.10 NS F56A4.11 NS N Longest: F56A4.11
Y19D10A.11 NS F56A4.12 NS N Longest: Y19D10A.11
Y19D10A.12 PS C01B4.9 PS N Longest: C01B4.9
Y19D10A.5 FS C01B4.8 FS Y N.A.
Y19D10A.4 PS C01B4.7 PS Y N.A.
Y19D10A.16 FS C01B4.6 FS Y N.A.
Y19D10A.15 NS C01B4.5 NS Y N.A.
Y19D10A.2 NS C01B4.3 NS Y N.A.
Y19D10A.13 NS C01B4.10 NS Y N.A.
Y19D10A.1 NS C01B4.1 NS N Evidence: str-257
Y19D10A.17 NS Y45G12C.8 NS Y N.A.
C13B7.3 NS Y45G12C.7 NS Y N.A.
C13B7.6 PS Y45G12C.16 PS N Longest: Y45G12C.16
C13B7.4 NS Y45G12C.9 NS Y N.A.
C13B7.5 NS Y45G12C.10 NS N Evidence: str-119
C13B7.2 NS Y45G12C.6 NS N Evidence: str-120
C13B7.1 NS Y45G12C.5 NS Y N.A.
F56A4.5 NS Y45G12C.4 NS N GeneWise: E02C12.11
F56A4.6 NS Y45G12C.11 NS N Longest: F56A4.6
F56A4.4 PS Y45G12C.3 PS Y N.A.
F56A4.7 NS Y45G12C.12 NS Y N.A.
F56A4.3 FS Y45G12C.2 FS N *
  1. Each gene pair is shown in order of appearance from 5' to 3'. The "Method of repair" column suggests a way to fix those gene models that have different peptide sequence, given the lack of supporting information for better improvement. Longest: suggests taking the longest peptide sequence as the correct model. Evidence: suggests considering as correct the member of the pair that has been reported as "person evidence" in WormBase. GeneWise: suggest a paralog gene that can be used to predict a gene structure in the region within each member of the pair. Each gene is characterized in terms of EST data support as NS (Not Supported) if no intron is supported, PS (Partially Supported) if at least one intron is not supported, and FS (Fully Supported) if all introns are supported by EST data. *: see text.