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Figure 3

From: Horizontal gene transfer between Wolbachia and the mosquito Aedes aegypti

Figure 3

A. Transcript levels of Ae. aegypti genes, AAEL004181 and AAEL004188, relative to whole genome transcription. Microarrays incorporating two distinct 60-mer probes for each annotated Ae. aegypti gene were used to investigate transcript abundance in pools of adult female mosquitoes. In the example shown, array 1 was hybridised with cRNA from young mosquitoes (0–2 days post-eclosion) and Array 2 with cRNA from older mosquitoes (14–16 days post-eclosion). Log cyanine-3 signal intensity is shown for all probes (n = 29 840) significantly above background fluorescence (see methods). B. AAEL004181, AAEL004188 and act5C genes expression in Aedes aegypti females as monitored by quantitative RT-PCR. The values shown are the average of three different assays on independent samples. Error bars indicate standard error.

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