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Table 3 Characterization of 48 MULEs analyzed in this study

From: The protist Trichomonas vaginalis harbors multiple lineages of transcriptionally active Mutator-like elements

Clades Analyzed sequences Conserved motifs
   All clades Dispersed Clade-specific
IS256 8 1a, 4 and 8c - 5d and 9d
MuDR 12 1a, 4 and 8b 7e and 10f -
Hop/Jittery 12 1a, 4 and 8b 7e and 10f 11f
EMULEs 10 1a, 4 and 8 - 2f, 3f and 6f
TvCaMULEs 6 1a, 4 and 8 10f 12f
TOTAL 48 12
  1. a 25-aa signature sequence described by Eisen et al. [19];
  2. Active site residues found into motifs 4 and 8: bD34E and cD38-40E;
  3. Motif similar to Mutator-like transposase domain corresponding to: d pfam00872 and e pfam03108;
  4. f No match between motif and putative conserved domains have been detected.