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Table 1 Location of IS711 type insertion sequences specific either of B. microti or B. suis 1330.

From: Brucella microti: the genome sequence of an emerging pathogen

Genomic context in B. microti Coordinates in B. microti Genomic context in B. suis 1330 Coordinates in B. suis 1330
Between rps A (BMI_I28/BR0027) and BMI_I31/BR0028 Chr1:33557–34400 Not Present. Chr1: 33555
Inside gene BR0722 (hypothetical protein) Chr1: 708832–709676 Not Present. Chr1: 706394
Between gene BMI_I784/BR0786 and BMI_I787/BR0787 Chr1: 771573–772416 Not Present. Chr1: 768256
Between genes thr S (BMI_I1076/BR1071) and BMI_I1079/BR1072 Chr1: 1047382–1048225 Not Present. Chr1: 1043121
Between gene BMI_I1295/BR1284 and cob L (BMI_I1298/BR1285) Chr1: 1251779–1252621 No Present. Chr1: 1245497
Between tRNA-Met and omp28 (BMI_I1490/BR1475) Chr1: 1436887–1437731 Not Present. Chr1: 1429443
Between genes BMI_I1899/BR1879 and BMI_I1902/BR1880 Chr1: 1823468–1824311 Not Present. Chr1: 1815480
Not Present. Chr1: 1626452 Between genes BR1671/BMI_I1694 and BR1674/BMI_I1695 Chr1: 1618084–1618927
  1. For each insertion sequence, the genomic position of the insertion sequence and of the inserted position in the cognate genome are given.