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Table 1 Notation for Structural Variation (SV) statistics

From: Statistical aspects of discerning indel-type structural variation via DNA sequence alignment

Variable Meaning
Probabilistic Descriptors of SV Detection  
α probability of false-positive errors
β probability of false-negative errors
Genomic and Project Parameters  
λ average insert length in a Gaussian library
σ standard deviation in a Gaussian library
δ length of an instance of structural variation
r (constant) sequencing read length
τ difference threshold specified for power analysis
N number of inserts processed
G haploid subject genome length
m minimum admissible insert size (Eq. 5)
ρ haploid physical coverage (≡ N λ/G)
Labels Defining Types of SV  
ISV insertion SV
DSV deletion SV
H t heterozygous SV
H m homozygous SV
Functions and Random Variables  
erf Gaussian error function (see e.g. Ref. [28])
exp exponential function
random number of inserts spanning an SV site
random length of an individual insert
random mean length of inserts spanning SV site