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Table 2 Definitions of minimotif elements

From: A proposed syntax for Minimotif Semantics, version 1

Element Definition
Minimotif The covalent chemistry of a peptide segment represented by a sequence definition and any required modification and minimotif source
Minimotif sequence An instance, consensus sequence, or PSSM that describes a peptide minimotif of less than 15 contiguous residues
Required modification A change in the covalent chemistry of a minimotif sequence
Motif Source The protein or peptide that contains the motif
Target The molecule related to a minimotif by an activity
Activity The action of the minimotif
Binds Type of activity that involves a direct interaction between two or more molecule species
Modifies Type of activity where the minimotif has a change in its covalent chemistry
Traffics Type of activity where a protein moves between cellular compartments
Required Type of activity where a minimotif is required for a chemical or cellular process
Chemical process An event that results in a change of covalent bonds on a molecule
Cellular compartment A place in the cell that can be discerned by the localization of at least one molecule
Peptide Short polymer of amino acids
Protein Polymer of amino acids
Domain A region of a protein that folds independently.
Domain position Location of a domain type in a protein that has more than one copy of a domain type relative to the N-terminus
Cellular process An event or series of events that results in an observable change in a cell