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Table 1 Differentially Expressed Genes between Clark and IsoClark Genotypes Grown Under Iron Sufficient Conditions

From: Integrating microarray analysis and the soybean genome to understand the soybeans iron deficiency response

Affymetrix Probe ID Fold Change UniProt ID Plant GOSlim AtHomolog PlantGOSlim
GmaAffx.93650.1.S1_s_at -12.383 Q6WE90 No Homolog  
Gma.12096.1.A1_at -9.9 No UniProt No Homolog  
Gma.18.1.S1_at -9.416 Q39819 AT4G10250 response to stress
Gma.17141.1.S1_at -8.776 Q9ZSA7 AT4G10490 other metabolic
Gma.14554.1.S1_at -7.959 Q1SJ63   
GmaAffx.62046.1.S1_at -5.922 Q5CAZ5 AT1G34210 developmental
Gma.2185.3.S1_at -5.724 Q9FJL3 AT3G25230 response to stress
Gma.10282.1.A1_at -5.591 Q1T3Y4 AT4G27670 response to stress
GmaAffx.90956.1.S1_s_at -5.297 No UniProt AT5G53740 biological process
Gma.11793.1.S1_at -3.469 No UniProt No Homolog  
GmaAffx.89665.1.A1_s_at -3.365 Q9AY32 No Homolog  
Gma.12660.1.A1_at -3.173 Q8H2B1 AT1G56300 protein metabolism
Gma.10282.2.S1_at -2.899 Q1T3Y4 AT4G27670 response to stress
GmaAffx.93424.1.S1_x_at -2.884 Q9S7H2 AT5G20620 protein metabolism
GmaAffx.56241.2.S1_at -2.739 Q9SCW4 AT5G62020 transcription
Gma.8636.1.S1_at -2.459 O80982 AT2G26150 transcription
GmaAffx.72322.1.S1_at -2.32 Q7F1F2 AT5G48570 protein metabolism
Gma.1727.1.S1_at -2.297 Q1SVQ0 AT2G39730 response to abiotic or biotic stimulus
GmaAffx.5924.1.S1_at -2.295 Q8L7T2 AT1G52560 response to stress
GmaAffx.74022.1.S1_at -2.267 Q1RY14 AT4G28480 protein metabolism
GmaAffx.93424.1.S1_s_at -2.261 Q9S7H2 AT5G20620 protein metabolism
  1. Fold Change between Iron Sufficient and Iron Deficient: Change in expression levels between Clark and IsoClark plants grown in iron sufficient conditions. A negative fold change is a down regulation of gene expression in the IsoClark genotype in comparison to the Clark genotype.
  2. UniProt ID: Identifier for the UniProt sequence most similar to the consensus sequence used to create the Affymetrix probe set
  3. Plant GO Slim At Homolog: The Arabidopsis homolog of the soybean consensus sequence represented by the Affymetrix probe set.
  4. Plant GO Slim: The GO Slim annotation for the identified Arabidopsis homolog.