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Table 2 GO Slim Terms Over Represented in Candidate Genes from Comparison Between Clark Plants Grown in Iron Sufficient and Iron Deficient Hydroponics Solutions

From: Integrating microarray analysis and the soybean genome to understand the soybeans iron deficiency response

GO Slim ID GO Term Description Number of Genes with GO ID Bonferroni Corrected P-Value
GO:0000004 BP Unknown Function 128 0
GO:0006270 BP DNA Replication Initiation 10 0
GO:0009611 BP Response to Wounding 36 0
GO:0009695 BP Jasmonic Acid Biosynthesis 24 0
GO:0006826 BP Iron Ion Transport 9 1.2E-07
GO:0006879 BP Iron Ion Homeostasis 10 3.6E-07
GO:0010039 BP Response to Iron Ion 9 5.28E-06
GO:0009617 BP Response to Bacterium 8 0.000018
GO:0006275 BP Regulation of DNA Replication 4 0.00303
GO:0006972 BP Hyperosmotic Response 4 0.00303
GO:0030397 BP Membrane Disassembly 8 0.004381
GO:0008299 BP Isoprenoid Biosynthesis 10 0.006706
GO:0009408 BP Response to Heat 20 0.014334
GO:0019373 BP Epoxygenase P450 5 0.045066
GO:0008199 MF Ferric Iron Binding 9 0
GO:0008094 MF DNA-dependent ATPase Activity 10 1.29E-06
GO:0016165 MF Lipoxygenase Activity 12 0.000128
GO:0047763 MF Cafeate O-Methyltransferase 8 0.001014
GO:0030337 MF DNA Polymerase Processivity Factor 4 0.001426
GO:0005544 MF Calcium Dependent Lipid Binding 8 0.001965
GO:0009978 MF Allene Oxide Synthase 5 0.017949
GO:0046423 MF Allene Oxide Cyclase 4 0.020157
GO:0008815 MF Citrate (Pro-3S) Lyase 5 0.029946
GO:0009346 CC Citrate Lyase 5 0.002807
  1. GO Slim ID's statistically over or under represented in the list of differentially expressed genes comparing Clark plants grown in iron sufficient and iron limiting hydroponics conditions in comparison to their presence on the Affymetrix® GeneChip®. The GO Slim Column provides the GO Slim ID number and corresponding category. GO Slim categories are Biological Process (BP), Molecular Function (MF), and Cellular Component (CC). The GO Term Description column contains the best description for the GO Slim ID. The number of genes with GO ID column is the number of genes differentially expressed between Clark plants grown in iron sufficient and iron deficient hydroponics solutions with the corresponding GO Slim ID. The Bonferroni Corrected P-value is the statistical significance of the GO Slim ID. Only GO Slim IDs with P-values equal to or less than 0.5 were considered statistically over or under represented in the list of differentially expressed genes in comparison to the presence of the GO Slim ID on the GeneChip®.