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Table 2 Summary of the cellular functions (Biological Process ontology) with extreme promoters, UTRs and terminators in S. cerevisiae.

From: Properties of untranslated regions of the S. cerevisiae genome

Short Promoter Short 5'UTR Short 3'UTR Short Terminator Short End to End Terminator
1. Response to DNA damage stimulus 1. rRNA processing
2. Protein folding
--- --- ---
2. DNA repair     
3. nuclear mRNA splicing, via spliceosome     
4. protein transport     
5. RNA elongation from RNA polymerase II promoter     
6. RNA splicing     
7. mRNA processing     
8. chromatin modification     
9. DNA recombination     
Long Promoter Long 5'UTR Long 3'UTR Long Terminator Long End to End Terminator
-- 1. protein amino acid phosphorylation 1. regulation of transcripti on, DNA-dependent 1. response to stress 2. amino acid transport --
  2 . signal transduction    
  3. cell wall organization and biogenesis    
  4. pseudohyphal growth    
  5. endocytosis    
  6. metabolic process    
  7. small GTPase mediated signal transduction    
  8. invasive growth.    
  1. All the p-values corresponding to the GO groups presented in this table are lower than 0.0048. The length distribution of all functional categories is presented in Additional file 3, technical details appear in the Materials and Methods section.