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Table 2 Homologues of known hop genes in Pta 11528. Homologues were detected by searching the Pta 11528 FgenesB-predicted protein sequences against HopDB using BLASTP

From: A draft genome sequence and functional screen reveals the repertoire of type III secreted proteins of Pseudomonas syringae pathovar tabaci 11528

Effector gene Gene in Pta 11528 genome (location) Hrp-box HMM score (bioinformatic evidence) HrpL-dependent (functional screen) Homologue in Pph 1448A
avrE1 C1E_5333 (1087:342585..346532) 18.24 Yes PSPPH_1268 (chromosome)
avrPto1-like C1E_2039 (672:104030..104509) 26.02 Yes None
hopAB2 C1E_3975 (955:85214..86053) None Yes None
hopAE1 C1E_0512 (174:82348..85077) 17.91 Yes PSPPH_4326 (chromosome)
hopAG1 C1E_2305 (679:71608..73584) 19.67 No None
hopAH1 C1E_2306 (679:74209..74976) None No None
hopAH2 C1E_3507 (891:229657..230907) None No PSPPH_3036 (chromosome)
hopAI1' (degenerate) C1E_2307 (679:75143..75466) 24.85 Yes None
hopAJ2 C1E_0586 (174:157540..158877) None No PSPPH_4398 (chromosome)
hopAK1 C1E_4764 (1053:316850..318520) 21.71 No PSPPH_1424 (chromosome)
hopAN1 C1E_1908 (661:72932..74221) None No PSPPH_0456 (chromosome)
hopAR1 C1E_2036 (672:101352..102155) 15.68 Yes None
hopAS1 C1E_1389 (554:110458..114543) 18.77 No PSPPH_4736 (chromosome)
hopI1 C1E_0551 (174:125987..126916) 21.66 Yes PSPPH_4366 (chromosome)
hopM1' C1E_5336 (1087:348226..350460) 13.65 Yes PSPPH1266
hopO1-1 C1E_5022 (1087:78582..79433) 18.48 Yes None
hopR1 C1E_3889 (955:5054..6763) 24.65 No PSPPH_0171
hopT1-1 C1E_5021 (1087:77437..78576) 18.48 Yes None
hopV1 C1E_2810 (733:27251..28225) 14.09 No PSPPH_2351 (chromosome)
hopW1 C1E_3964 (955:74860..77184) 10.73 No None
(PSPPH is a truncated HopW1 homologue)
hopX1 C1E_5300 (1087:315085..316227) 27.96 No PSPPH_1296 (chromosome)
hrpK1 C1E_5301 (1087:316323..318641) 27.96 No PSPPH_1295 (chromosome)
hrpW1 C1E_5341 (1087:351970..352491) 20.57 No PSPPH_1264 (chromosome)
hrpZ1 C1E_5325 (1087:337056..337478) 19.74 No PSPPH_1273 (chromosome)
  C1E_5324 (1087:336767..337045)    
  1. The locations of Pph 1448A homologous genes is indicated, including an indication of whether they are located on the chromosome or on the large plasmid. Also indicated is whether each gene appeared in the functional screen for Hrp-dependent transcription.