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Figure 6

From: Transcriptional profiling reveals developmental relationship and distinct biological functions of CD16+ and CD16- monocyte subsets

Figure 6

Differential expression of RARA mRNA and PSGL-1 epitopes CLA and M-DC8 on CD16+ and CD16- monocytes. (A) Differential expression of RARA mRNA in CD16+ and CD16- Mo was extracted from microarray data set results and expressed as relative fluorescence units. (B-D) Freshly isolated PBMC were stained with Pacific Blue CD3, Alexa700 CD4, PE-Cy5 CD16, FITC CLA and PE M-DC8 Abs. Gated CD3-CD4lowCD14highCD16- (CD16- Mo) and CD3-CD4lowCD14lowCD16+ (CD16+ Mo) cells were analyzed for expression of CLA (C) and M-DC8 (D). (B and D) Shown are representative dot plots (left panels) and results for 13 different donors (right panels). Paired Wilcoxon signed rank test was used to calculated statistical significance (p < 0.05). (B) Spearman correlation (r and p values) and linear regression (r2 value) were calculated to examine the relationship between the frequency of CD16-CLA+ Mo and CD16+ Mo.

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