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Figure 4

From: Generation and analysis of expressed sequence tags from six developing xylem libraries in Pinus radiata D. Don

Figure 4

Phylogenetic tree of CesA proteins from radiata pine and other species. Muscle software was used to align multiple protein sequences of CesAs derived from GenBank. The protein sequences are deduced amino acid sequences from full length cDNAs except for some radiata pine CesAs. GenBank accession numbers are as follows: Pinus radiata, PrCesA1 (AAT57672), PrCesA2 (AAQ63936), PrCesA3 (AAQ63930), PrCesA5 (AAQ63931), PrCesA6 (AAQ63932), PrCesA7 (AAQ63933), PrCesA8 (AAQ63934), PrCesA10 (AAQ63935), PrCesA11 (AAQ63929). PrCesA1 and PrCesA10 are full length sequences, PrCesA2 is nearly full length sequence, others are partial sequences; Pinus taeda, PtCesA1 (AAX18647), PtCesA2 (AAX18648), PtCesA3 (AAX18649); Populus tremuloides, PtrCesA2 (AAM26299), PtrCesA3 (AAQ08987), PtrCesA4 (AAO25536), PtrCesA5 (AAL23710), PtrCesA6 (AAP40636), PtrCesA7 (AAO25581); Populus tremula × Populus tremuloides, PttCesA1 (AAT09894), PttCesA2 (AAT09895), PttCesA3-1 (AAT09896), PttCesA3-2 (AAT09897); Populus tomentosa, PtoCesA1 (AAY21910); Populus canescens, PcaCesA1 (AAC78476); Arabidopsis thaliana, AtCesA1 (O48946), AtCesA2 (O48947), AtCesA3 (Q941L0), AtCesA4 (Q84JA6), AtCesA5 (Q8L778), AtCesA6 (Q94JQ6), AtCesA7 (Q9SWW6), AtCesA8 (Q8LPK5), AtCesA9 (Q9SJ22), AtCesA10 (Q9SKJ5). Red colour indicates secondary cell wall CesAs, blue colour indicates primary cell wall CesAs.

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