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Table 2 Results of search using the gene expression profile of human bladder cancer - top 10 entries sorted by similarity scores with lowest P-value < 0.01.

From: GEM-TREND: a web tool for gene expression data mining toward relevant network discovery

Series Platform Description Similarity score P-value
GSE6112 GPL4475 Tubercolosis and healthy infected patients PBMC_TB_vs_Pool_LTBI 1 0.0054
GSE3901 GPL3279 Response of quiescent human fibroblasts to different growth factors and serum 0.96 0.0004
GSE1726 GPL564 Rosetta_Merck_CEPH_Study 0.904 0.0012
GSE1827 GPL1479 Waldman Bladder tumors 0.881 0.0072
GSE2845 GPL2567 Human breast tumor 0.854 0.0063
GSE60 GPL174 Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma 0.851 0.0029
GSE838 GPL564 Individual-specific variation of gene expression in peripheral blood leukocytes 0.845 0.0057
GSE3176 GPL1528 p53 In Inflamatory Stress Response 0.815 0.0001
GSE344 GPL273 Spotted long oligonucleotide arrays 0.813 0.0097
GSE7965 GPL3991 Blood and Adipose tissue samples 0.805 1.50E-03
  1. The results were retrieved from human species reference profiles.