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Table 3 Results of search using the gene expression profile of rat chemical hepatocarcinogenesis - top 10 entries sorted by similarity scores with lowest P-value < 0.01.

From: GEM-TREND: a web tool for gene expression data mining toward relevant network discovery

Series Platform Description Similarity score P-value
GSE5337 GPL890 Gene Expression Profiling In Rat Smooth Muscle Cells Modulated by Rapamycin and Paclitaxel. 1 1.00E-04
GSE5860 GPL890 Gene expression analysis of rat livers after exposure to acetaminophen 0.983 1.00E-04
GSE5652 GPL890 Blood and liver exposed to acetaminophen (APAP) 0.904 1.00E-04
GSE5595 GPL890 Acetaminophen (APAP) Rat Liver Test Gene Expression Data Set 0.895 1.00E-04
GSE5381 GPL890 Gene expression analysis of liver and kidney following methapyrilene treatment in male Sprague-Dawley rats 0.685 0.0015
GSE791 GPL542 GH inj old liver (1-7) 0.657 5.00E-04
GSE4270 GPL890 Aging Induced Alterations in Hepatic Gene Expression of the Male Fisher Rat 0.637 0.0045
GSE3608 GPL3076 Renal medullary genes in salt-sensitive hypertension 0.634 1.00E-04
GSE7483 GPL890 Microarray analysis of aortic tissue from different rat hypertensive models 0.634 0.0039
GSE789 GPL542 Effect of age liver 0.627 8.00E-04
  1. The results were retrieved from rat species reference profiles.