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Table 4 Results of search using the gene expression profile of mast cells pooled from mouse stomach subregions - top 20 entries sorted by similarity scores with lowest P-value < 0.02.

From: GEM-TREND: a web tool for gene expression data mining toward relevant network discovery

Series Platform Description Similarity score P-value
GSE3088 GPL2510 Expression profiling of Muscle tissue from (C57BL/6J × C3H/HeJ)F2 mice on ApoE null backgrounds 1 1.00E-04
GSE2814 GPL2510 Expression profiling of liver tissue from (C57BL/6J × C3H/HeJ)F2 mice on ApoE null backgrounds 0.881 4.50E-03
GSE4664 GPL891 24 hour time course: regulation of uterine genes by estradiol in ovariectomized mice 0.874 5.00E-04
GSE8104 GPL5137 Primary macrophage response to L. monocytogenes and bacteria-derived ligands 0.855 1.70E-03
GSE8100 GPL5137 WT and myd88-/- macrophage response to WT and hly- L. monocytogenes 0.847 6.00E-04
GSE2220 GPL1832 Genetic variation of gene expression is tissue specific in inbred mice 0.795 1.00E-02
GSE4615 GPL891 Estren Behaves as a Weak Estrogen Rather than a Non-genomic Selective Activator in the Mouse Uterus 0.792 0.0034
GSE7029 GPL2510 Zfp90 Transgenic Signature in Mouse White Adipose Tissue 0.788 2.50E-03
GSE7615 GPL2884 Cancer Process Study 0.752 0.0107
GSE7600 GPL2884 Atm-/-, mTerc-/-, p53-/- triple knock-out lymphoma vs normal mouse DNA (GPL2884) 0.752 1.13E-02
GSE3086 GPL2510 Expression profiling of Adipose tissue from (C57BL/6J × C3H/HeJ)F2 mice on ApoE null backgrounds 0.726 0.009
GSE6192 GPL891 Gene expression changes during murine mucosal mast cell in vitro differentiation 0.709 1.76E-02
GSE4248 GPL891 Identification of genes regulated by RORg in mouse thymus 0.705 1.99E-02
GSE3087 GPL2510 Expression profiling of brain tissue from (C57BL/6J × C3H/HeJ)F2 mice on ApoE null backgrounds 0.69 1.62E-02
GSE3516 GPL870 22k v1.0 EMvPL 0.605 0.0065
GSE3507 GPL870 FlAmp RNA Input Reduction 0.605 8.70E-03
GSE1013 GPL967 Gene Expression Profile of NHE1 Null Mutation 0.552 0.0134
GSE8625 GPL5530 Comparison of undifferentiated ES cell lines HM1, IMT11, SHBL6.3 0.488 1.82E-02
GSE8528 GPL5369 Expression analysis of gene differentially expressed in the developping ovary 0.455 0.0011
GSE3289 GPL2828 Chronic hypoxia alters the level, maturation and control of gene expression in mouse kidney 0.415 3.00E-03
  1. The results were retrieved from mouse species reference profiles.