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Table 1 Functional annotation of shGATA3-regulated genes at 48 h

From: GATA3 is a master regulator of the transcriptional response to low-dose ionizing radiation in human keratinocytes

  Biological Processes EASE Score Nb of Genes annotated Genes Lists
48 h shGATA3 induced Chaperone 2.3 E-5 9 out 174 CMT2L, CANX, HSPA9B, HYOUN1, PTGES3, TIMM9, PFDN2, TRAP1, TXNDC4
  TGFb signaling 2.1 E-5 7 out 174 TGIF1, TSC22D1, TGFBR1, INHBE, SMAD4, ID1, E2F5
  Phosphatase activity 5.3 E-4 3 out 174 UBLCP1, DUSP1, PTPN12
  Response to stress 5.3 E-4 14 out 174 DUSP1, EGR1, CMT2L, HSPA9B, HYOUN1, DDIT3, PRNP, SFPQ, NFATC3, SYVN1, TRAP1, ACVRL1, NCR3, HBEGF
  RNA metabolic process 8.7 E-3 18 out 174 DDIT3, PPP2R1B, ELL2, EGR1, NFATC3, SFPQ, E2F5, ID1, NFT3, TSC22D1, ZNF146, SF3B14, WDSOF1, ZNF238, ZFP3, CGGBP1, SMAD4, HMGN2
48 h shGATA3 repressed Cytoplasm 2.2 E-3 39 out 92 *
  1. The overrepresented Gene Ontology categories determined by EASE are indicated. * Due to the high number of annotated genes in the 48 h shGATA3 repressed line, the 39 genes are not listed.