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Table 2 Enrichment or reduction of GO groups with respect to stumpy forms

From: Genome-wide expression profiling of in vivo- derived bloodstream parasite stages and dynamic analysis of mRNA alterations during synchronous differentiation in Trypanosoma brucei

Comparison Enriched with respect to Stumpy Reduced with respect to Stumpy
Slender relative to T0 protein-DNA complex assembly, various other chromatin-related terms anion channel activity
T1 relative to T0 RNA transport, translation regulation endonuclease activity
T6 relative to T0 translation, signalling, calmodulin binding, hexose transport cell adhesion
T18 relative to T0 oxido-reductase activity cell signalling (cyclase activity)
T48 relative to T0 trans-splicing, translation anion channel activity
  1. Enrichment of particular GO groups were assessed, using a hypergeometric test, to determine whether the GO terms attached to each individual gene were overrepresented relative to all genes (and their associated GO terms) present on the arrays. The enrichment of GO terms in genes up- and down-regulated during different periods of differentiation are shown.