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Table 6 Assignment of the linkage groups to chromosomes with karyotyping probes and remarks

From: Sequenced BAC anchored reference genetic map that reconciles the ten individual chromosomes of Brassica rapa

Karyotyping markers (BACs) Results
Linkage group BAC ID Location (cM) FISH color Remarksc Anchored chromosome
A1 KBrH003F06 43.5 red 45S rDNA, 5S rDNA Chr 7
  KBrH003N18b 120.4 green   
A2 KBrB013N08b 37.9 red None Chr 3
  KBrB005J17 82.1 green   
A3 KBrB056I08 27.4 red Nor-bearing Chromosome Chr 2
  KBrS012D09 79.0 green   
A4 KBrH004D08b 81.6 red None Chr 9
  KBrB071M14 4.0 green   
A5 KBrH003E08b 95.0 red 45S rDNA, CentBr2 Chr 4
  KBrS004I08 21.0 green   
A6 KBrB076B03b 47.5 red 45S rDNA Chr 5
  KBrH009H15 117.2 green   
A7 KBrB084H08 45.3 red None Chr 6
  KBrB021P15b 91.7 green   
A8 KBrB006A15b 4.9 red None Chr 8
  KBrH005C21 40.4 green   
A9 KBrH143F19a 93.9 red The biggest Chromosome Chr 1
  KBrH143K20a 22.4 green   
A10 KBrB012O13b 50.5 red 5S rDNA Chr10
  KBrH053G06 11.7 green   
  1. a[16]
  2. bSelected for FISH as in Figure 3.
  3. c[2224]